How To Get Your Body Back In Shape With Athletic Greens Superfood Cocktail!

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athletic greens reviewFor you to maintain a strong and healthy body, it is important to eat sufficient quantities of fruits and vegetables every day. Due to various reasons, it may be difficult to get the required quantities of these foods. Green supplements help to make up for missing all these nutrients in our diets. One of the most effective of these green supplements is athletic greens.

This product is an all-natural supplement formulated to meet the needs of all kinds of people, people like you, so we hope that with this althetic greens review you will be motivated to improving your health lifestyle, whether you have a sedentary or active lifestyle. It promotes a healthy metabolism, provides sustained energy throughout the day, boosts the immune system and even helps to improve one’s mood. The supplement is made in New Zealand, a well-known country when it comes to producing healthy products using some of the world’s least polluted soils. It is a super food cocktail made from whole foods.

Athletic Greens Contains Over 70 Nutritious Ingredients

Dense Greens These are the main ingredients of the supplement, and they are made from various organic products such as spirulina, barley leaf, wheat grass, lecithin, bilberry fruit, broccoli flower powder and carrot root. To preserve their molecular structure and minimize damage to the enzymes and nutrients, these foods are freeze-dried and afterwards they are cold-milled.

Pre and Pro-biotics Supplements:
These help to clear and purify the digestive system. They facilitate faster absorption of nutrients, and hence enhance energy levels a few hours after consuming the supplement. Athletic greens also contains natural digestive enzymes like bromelain, reishi and burdock which accelerate digestion and allow for easy and quick conversion of nutrients into energy for your body to utilize.

Herbs and Antioxidants:
The product is jam-packed with very high quality herbs and antioxidants such as dandelion root, milk thistle and rosemary leaf. One serving has antioxidant levels equivalent to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables.

The supplement boosts both energy levels and the immune system. It has minerals which help to promote healthy hormone levels in the body. Such minerals include zinc, magnesium, vanadium and chromium.

This Is How Your Body Will Benefit From Taking Ahtletic Greens

You need to mix one tablespoonful of the product with a glass of water and drink this mixture daily. If you lead an active lifestyle, for instance that of an athlete, you can take one glass of the mixture in the morning and another one in the afternoon. This will enhance your energy levels.

Advantages Taste and Texture:
Unlike other supplements which have unpleasant taste and smell, athletic greens has a pleasant taste and smell due to the addition of stevia, chocolate, fruits and vanilla. The powder is smooth and easy to mix with any liquid you decide to blend with.

The product contains no genetically modified organisms, wheat products, common allergens such as peanuts, corn or yeast. It has no artificial ingredients or sugars such as sucrose, lactose or dextrose

Extra energy:
People commonly complain of lack of energy. The supplement gives an extra energy boost and it is healthier than constantly foods harmful to your body, sweets, caffeinated drinks or junk foods to raise one’s energy levels

Lose Weight:
It is not sold as a weight loss product but it can support weight loss diets such as paleo or low-carb. The super foods in it help to maintain a healthy metabolism control appetite and cravings for snacks and such unhealthy foods

Better Digestion:
It enhances proper digestion which is essential for better overall vitality and health. The enzymes and probiotics in the product help to absorb all the required nutrients and also to eliminate any excess nutrients.

The antioxidants plants and mushrooms in the supplement help in toxin elimination. This strengthens overall body immunity

Convenient, safe and affordable:
One serving is equal to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables. It is therefore very convenient if you have a busy lifestyle. This also means you save money. The supplement is natural and has no side effects. However you may experience some slight changes in your bowel movements. But this is a sign that your body is undergoing detox after taking the product The only disadvantage is that it is not a silver bullet that will guarantee you automatic health. You will still have to eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep and exercise.