In the automatic soldering machine welding process, solder paste is essential flux, good solder paste can not only increase the efficiency of our solder, but also effectively prolong the service life of the soldering iron head. In fact, we choose the main solder paste solder paste to choose according to the actual situation according to the value of the product itself and use, surface mount board density assembly, PCB and devices, storage time and surface oxidation degree and production process conditions etc.. Different products should choose different solder paste.
  The components, purity and oxygen content, particle shape and size, composition and properties of solder paste are the key factors to determine solder paste characteristics and solder joint quality.
  a 根据manbetx代理本身的价值和用途,高可靠性的manbetx代理需要高质量的焊膏
  A according to the value and use of the product itself, high reliability products need high quality solder paste.
  b 根据PCB和元器件存放时间和表面氧化程度来决定焊膏的活性
  B determines the activity of solder paste according to the storage time and surface oxidation degree of PCB and components.
  c 根据manbetx代理的组装工艺、印制板、元器件的具体情况选择焊膏合金组分。
  C selects solder paste alloy components according to the product assembly process, the printed circuit board and the components.
  d 根据manbetx代理(表面组装板)对清洁度的要求来选择是否采用免清洗
  D according to the product (surface assembly board) requirements for cleanliness to choose whether to use clean.
  e BGA和CSP一般都需要采用免清洗焊膏
  E BGA and CSP generally need to use clean solder paste
  f 焊接热敏元件时,应选用含铋的低熔点焊膏。
  Bismuth containing low melting point solder paste should be chosen when welding f thermal sensitive components.

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